Doug Ellwood

City Winery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Renna

Hello Pattie, just came across your website and YoutTube Videos and am impressed by your playing on sax, piano as well as all of the other woodwinds. I am also a Sax Dakota endorser from New Jersey and Pete LaPlaca sold me the origional Dakota Tenor that Richared Elliot used to play. I also hae a Satin Silver one just llike yours. They are the best sax made today. You ave a great sound and also a great feel for jazz. Keep up the good work, best of luck with your career. Would like to see more YouTube videos as they are a great way to advance yourself as well as promote Dakota horns..

Dwayne Beason

Hey Pattie,

This is Dwayne from Louisiana. Very Nice to meet you!! We met at Nashville Downtown Hilton. Let's stay in touch. Here's my cell 225-975-0216. Shoot me a text or call.

Brad Ellebrecht

Hello Pattie, I just wanted to email you and say hello here. It was really good to meet you on Saturday at your hotel gig in downtown Nashville. I reallty enjoyed listening to you play piano!

Hey, let m eknow what you think of this. It's a link to a trailer to a documentary that has one of my solo piano original pieves in it.

I look forward to hearing you play music again sometime.


Brad Ellebrecht
Piano performer, Composer, Educator, Songwriter, runner

Rusty Vellek

Pattie -- I got home from Nashville around midnight last night, and had a chance to listen to your cd on the way up (listening to Blue Bossa as I write this). BEAUTIFUL! You're now on my frequent play list. Bravo!

I would have been a fan just from listening to the cd, but thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with you at the Hilton during the past week -- a highlight of a great trip! I hope our paths will cross again, and that you will feel free to keep in touch, and certainly let me know if you come back up to the DC area.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best in pursuing your dreams -- musical and otherwise.

Rusty Vellek

Hershel M. Chicowitz

RE: Lorie Line

I referenced Lorie Line -- -- to you in person on Tuesday, March 14 at the Hilton. I made the comparison only in that Lorie started out playing solo piano at shopping malls in, I think, Dayton, Ohio. Your performance there reminded me a bit of her. Though, from listening to your CD, Invitation, it is obvious that what you do is very different. I am no music critic, but I like the CD. I can hear a bit of Vince Guaraldi in the title song. I know a little more about jazz... but not much. My only criticism is of your web site, which does not serve you well. (I do know a lot about web sites. It's what I do.)

But I stopped by to talk to you and wrote to you only to encourage you and to let you know that I recognized and appreciated your talent.

Best of luck to you,

Hershel M. Chicowitz


Hi Patti so nice to meet you at the Hilton the other day. I apologize for not being able to come and listen to you today, didn't know how else to get a hold of you, but wanted to let you know the food recommendations yesterday was great, amazing music you put out there also too. Biggest fan.



Duane Leffel

Hi Pattie... This is Duane. I met you at the Xmas party tonight. Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed listening to your music and talking to you. You're an interesting woman and seemingly very easy going.

If you ever want to break out of that musician-focus bubble we discussed, I'd be happy to take you to dinner or Arrington Vineyard or Belle Mead Plantation...or we can just drive to the airport and head for Kona and see that volcano together. lol
Merry Christmas!

mina araki

Hallo, I'm from JAPAN.
My name is Mina Araki.
I'm your fan.Since I buyed your CD in Japan.
(Your voice and your sax is very cool!!)
I listen your song everyday!

Especially, I like Doxy and Blue Bossa very much.
But I could't know these song's lylics.
If you can,please send me this songs lylics.
(If my English words are strange,sorrym(__)m)

Dr. Tom Binford

Pattie, It was a joy to have you share your musical talents with us Sunday. When I found your web site, I am very impressed. I wish you the best and If I can do anything for you, please let me know. Blessings.

Paul Mourgos

Hi Pattie,
Finally made it back to Calif and had a chance to listen to your CD. I very much enjoyed your music. You have a beautiful voice. I also found your piano skills at the Hilton so very rich and soothing. If I\'m ever in Nashville again, I hope to see you perform.


William Kantz

Yes, I met you last night. Mi Nombre es William.

I was thinking perhaps I learn to play "One Morning In June" (Brian Crain - Piano and Cello Duet) for you instead, what do you think about that? You would laugh and be able to rest your fingers.

I'll be there "hilton" again next Saturday...are you playing the piano? And, lets go have dinner after 8:00 PM.

Yes or Yes?

William Kantz

Mark Dodson

Pattie, Really like your CD. Jazz is where you belong. Loved Doxy. Your voice sorta reminds me of Diana Krall. Started to tell you your piano playing was "technically" good, then heard your sax and vocals and knew that was really you. Just for fun, isten to Streets of Baltimore by Little Wilies, 2006. (Cover of Gram Parsons from 1973,) Hope to hear more form you. Mark

Joel Jackson

Hi Pattie, Sitting here listening to "Invitation" album I purchased from you in the Spring of 2012 at the Hilton while in town for a conference. Prepping myself with your great sound for my night out at the Vines Grille & Wine Bar that features jazz and blues music. Enjoy your music and our chat. Continued success making music for the world to enjoy!

Tom Vickstrom

hello Pattie, We have listened to you a few times in the Hilton lobby and really enjoy your saxaphone music. Are you interested in doing a few songs at my wedding on June 14 ? It is an 11 am wedding. The reception follows - here in Nashville at Scarritt Bennett. We thought the social hall would be great acoustically. It's just a small wedding of about 20 people. We imagined that after the ceremony you might lead the group across to the social hall from the chapel and play a few soft romantic, happy songs. Tom & Wanda

Gary Captol

I have been takaing Sax Lessons for the past 7 months. I am enjoying it a lot. I am playing a Student Alto Sax along with a Kenny G Tenor Sax. The Tenor is kicking my Butt ! I am interested in maybe upgrading to a better Sax, Alto and/or Tenor. My question is, why did you go with Sax Dakota ? Compared to the other well-known Saxes like Selmer, etc. Too many to choose from I would think. I guess there might not be a simple answer but I would like to know. Do you have other Saxes that you play besides Sax Dakota ? What makes you go to play the Sax Dakota than any other Manufacturer ? Sorry to drive you nuts.

Thank you.

Gary Captol

Phil Ciancio

Hey!I\\\'m another artist/endorser for Sax Dakota here near Chicago with Pete!
Please share what the Nashville NAMM is about since I hope to be there (my first NAMM) in your booth. Big thanks in advance! PC

Maurice DeGollada

Hello Patty I met you at the Hilton on Saturday nite I was there for the cheer completion with my daughter MARISSA I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed listening to you play you are an extrordinary musician I LISTENED to your CD as soon as I got back today to ft Lauderdale Florida It is fantastic all of it like wish I was there Tuesday to listen to you play again hopefully in the near future since I was there only two days to see my daughter competition thank you again for the great music and conversation hope I can see you again and I know you meet a lot of people hope you remember who this is

david slosky

Pattie: Outstanding talent. Are yiou available for private parties etc. What are your feels. Wish you great success. ds

Thomas Erdmann

Hello Pattie, My name is Tom. I write 6,000 word front-cover interview/articles for a number of music magazines. My editor at *** Saxophone *** has given me permission to feature you on the front cover of an upcoming issue of the magazine.

In case you haven’t read any of my previous articles here are a few.

Please let me know if you are interested as I’d like to move fairly quickly.

All my best,



Stay motivated in your music venture because you are awesome.just encouragement from one musician to the other.i saw you at the 2013 nashville namm.i put one of your performances on youtube from the namm.keep up the good work.i also have a jazz cd out called beautiful.feel free to listen to my samples online type in beslappin.i have no music knowledge just the heart.

Cedric Short

I have been anxiously awaiting your next CD; because over the past 6+ years I exhausted the CD Invitation. A live CD from the Hilton would be great!

John Ouellette

Dear Pattie,

Our firm represents the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA), and we are working on clearing the music for a compilation album the MNAA intends to release later this year.

We understand that you control the sound recording and musical composition copyright for Danza Por Belle which was written and performed by you.

We need to secure mechanical and master use licenses for the use of Danza Por Belle on the this project.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can begin this process.

Thank you,

John Ouellette
Adams and Reese LLP
901 18th Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Main: (615) 341-0068
Direct: (615) 238-6105
Fax: (615) 341-0596


Hi Pattie,
My name is Lisa Woodward. I am a vocalist in Nashville and I am currently looking to get involved in a project. I had the opportunity to see you perform @ the Hilton earlier this year, and enjoy your cd I purchased @ your gig. You are very talented. I currently do fill in gigs w/ a classic rock band, and private events for church, and sing in my church choir. I was looking to start a small project, along the lines of the music you do. I sing cover tunes, as I do not write, but wondered if you might be interested in collaborating on something like this? I may be reached @ 615-500-0168 or by email @ my above address. Thanks so much for your time.
Have a great day.
Lisa Woodward

Steve Steele

Hi Patti- I really enjoyed the cd I purchased from you while staying at the Hilton. You have a marvelous voice and the music on the cd is really solid! I would like to send you 3 or 4 tunes for your listening pleasure that I can imagine you playing in the airy space of the hotel. They may or may not appeal to you, but it is always fun to hear lots of music via saxophone. Hope you are albe to do another cd in the not-too-distant future. Take care....Steve Steele


Hi Pattie,

How did you like the concert last night? I didn't get a chance to catch up with you afterwards.

Personally, I thought Wayne Shorter played a little too sparsely and would have like to have heard more solo.

Also, Esperanza is more know for her bass playing and I'd wished we could have heard a little more of that, too.

Otherwise, a pretty cool performance.

Really liked hearing you play in the lobby last night and a few weeks ago.

Keep in touch,


do you give sax lessons in Nashville?

Jeff Ramsey

Dear Pattie, You are a fabulous musician! Your instrumentals and voice are absolutely beautiful. I am certain that your inward beauty is just as great as your outward. May I kindly recommend the Sax Holder at I have one and I much prefer it more than anything else that I have tried. I wouldn't want you to strain and hurt your neck and back(I am not affiliated with them in any way). I am just trying to be helpful. Please continue to keep up your wonderful work! Most Sincerely, Jeff

Roebrt M Wagner

circa The Great American Songbook.
I enjoy your renditions. You have a very lovely voice.. You may like my songs. Please surf my site. All the best.

Robert M Wagner

Roebrt M Wagner

circa The Great American Songbook

JudithAnn Orman Donelson

Would you be available t play for a private party -a birthday party? Would you please contact me?



Hi Pattie,

I very much enjoyed hearing you ing my three nght stay at the Hlton this past Tuesday through Thursday. You music was very nice to relax to after a day of work! Thank you.



Hi Patti, I was talking to Ken Ozimek about buying a new tenor. I wondered if there is a Dakota dealer any place close to Nashville. I would sure like to try one or more. Thanks.

Jeff Gresser

Hi Pattie,
I am a photographer, and I was working at the Hilton in Nashville last year and enjoyed hearing you play while I was there. This passed weekend I took my kids to Nashville for the first time and we stopped by the Hilton, I was glad to see you there, it was nice to hear you again. Take care, Jeff

Will Mc Neal

Hello Pattie my name Will McNeal , I co-host a Jazz Show on WOWE 98.9 Jamz in Flint ,MI. In our attempt to enhance our show and expose our listeners to new artist I felt the need to reach out to you. If you have any music that you could send us to play on the show, add us to your mailing list and give us a like on Facebook it would be greatly appreciated. Please send to : Will McNeal 1818 Lawndale Ave Flint, MI 48504.

Thank you and continued blessings.


Frank Cossentino

Hello Pattie. I doubt we are related, but it's cool to see the "Cossentino" name in entertainment. I host sports radio in Milwaukee (540 ESPN on Saturday's) and I have cousin in Montreal, Canada who is an accomplished piano player. Anyway, continued success to you! Frank

Nick Owen

Hi Patti, we met at NAMM would love to keep in touch.

Best of luck, nick

Jon Malay

Pattie: I check your site every now and then to see how you're doing, ever since I caught your gig at the Hilton in Nashville a couple of years ago when I was there for an aerospace engineering conference. I'm actually a meteorologist, not an engineer, hence my appreciation of the arts! I play your CD all the time as one of my favorites.

This is just a note to say; hang in there... you know you're a huge talent and I'm sure you hear it all the time. That talent will be rewarded with acclaim and record sales. I'll cheer for you that it's sooner rather than later.

Please google me and see what kind of fans you have.

And all the very best to you,

Jonathan Malay (

Joe Phillips

Hey Pattie, don't know if you'll remember me but we played sax together at UMCP, way back when. I was doing some research for a possible tour for 2012-13 around TN and your name came up in one of the Google results! I'm glad to see you're still playing, I'm still composing and have a group in NYC, Numinous among commissions for other groups. Check out or my blog for some of what I'm doing. It would be great to hear what's happening with you. Take care, Joe



Hi Again

PS, I would really like to send you my CD's, as I thought it was very generous of you to give me one of yours. Can I send one to you in Nashville?
Drop me an address if you can - I really appreciate your generosity, once again - ur record is world class!

Giovanni Mastro

Hi Pattie, I just had a chance to listen to your CD and I have to say it's world class. Your vocals and soloing - the band and arrangements - you should be very proud. Thank you for your generous gift, I will be enjoying your music for the next few weeks during my travels.

I hope you remember me, I play guitar in Cavanaughs band. It would be great to hear from you sometime as I am planning a trip to Nashville next month. If you get a chance please check me out at

Anyway I want to say keep up the good work and follow your heart always. I think you're doing the right thing - I can hear how dedicated you are to your music.

Steve Mills

Heard you two nights ago at the Hilton. We chatted a bit about music, instruments etc. Listened to your CD that night and was quite impressed.

Your credits and bio on the site here makes me expect you will be "discovereed" soon. I have a few friends in the industry, but do not know if they are well connected to jazz, so I will do some research.

Thanks for visitng with me,


Joannie Hallloran

Hi ya, Pattie. My boyfriend John and I recently boiught a copy of yoiur ABSOLUTELY AMAZING "Invitation" album. Can't wait to buy MORE of your albums verrrrry soon!!!!!

xoxoxo Joannie H. (Ketchum, IDAHO)

Debbie Sumner

Heard from someone that you are a great sax player...I was wondering if you could play for the ceremony music for my daughter's wedding 3-12-11 @ 2. So we would need you from 1:30-2:30. We had picked some Kenny G music - thought we'd have to use a cd for background music and needed a sax to play live, but I'm open to whatever you suggest! Music we had picked was I will always love you; You Raise me Up, Loving You, or You're Beautiful. Would love to hear from you!

Lisa Carson

Did you go to Joppatowne High School? If not, I am sorry. Just trying to reconnect with an old friend.

Scott Wright


I absolutely loved your "Invitation" CD and await your second CD with great impatience. Get cracking.....PLEASE! I also wish you would make an appearance in the Los Angeles area. You're way too good to be monopolized entirely by Tennessee. The other states are getting jealous. Best wishes.

Scott Wright

Phillip Taylor

Hey Pattie
It was a pleasure meeting you over the weekend! I called Music Arts and they said that Brian Somebody?? is my instructor and that Ken is booked up... The guy on the phone said(like you did) that Ken is incredible... Any way you can get me in touch with him?? Have a phone number?? Wonder if he does private lessons outside of Music Arts??.. I'd really like him to be my instructor etc...Thx Phillip

Daran Janecek

Hi Pattie -

Enjoyed your music at the Hilton last night. I was the high school tenor sax and bassoon player. I've got your CD on my Itunes now and will begin the listen.

Hope the good work continues.



I just finished listening to the CD I bought from you at the Nashville Hilton last week. I am totally blown away by the artistry that you demonstrate on the CD. I guess the hotel performance is Pattie -lite. It was a pleasure talking to you. I would love to see you perform again if you do any gigs in the Baltimore/Washington area. Best of luck with your career.

Carmen Sanders

I'm the music director at Hillwood Presbyterian Church. You subbed for us last year, and I am looking for some subs during the month of December. I know it is short notice, but I just found out this morning! You are at the top of my list. Please give me a call at 615-268-6785.
Carmen Sanders

Jake Burton

Hi Pattie. My friend Bill Gabriel saw you at the Hilton and said you were an excellent musician. I am a drummer here in town and I thought that we might work together sometime. I have a website that you can check out if you are really bored one day. Please get in touch with me if you are interested.

Thank you,

Jake Burton

Jerry Stephenson

I was at the Hilton in Nashville last February and heard you playing. We talked quite a bit and I bought one of your CD's. I will be in Nashville on Friday night to meet a friend of mine from Colorado. She is a big jazz fan, and I'd like to bring her to hear you, too. I'd request a song from you for us, but not sure which one. I personally love Evergreen sung by Barbra Streisand, but not sure you have that in your repertoire?? Anyway, I'll introduce you to Heidi if I can get her there--don't think that will be a problem. lol Hope all is well with you, wasn't sure you'd still be in Nashville after the flood. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you again.

Your fan,

Bill Gabriel

Hi Pattie:

I spoke with you a while last Saturday night (10/16) at the Hilton and bought your cd, which I've been listening to and like.
I mentioned my drummer friend who lives in Nashville and wanted to give you his name with the vague hope that the two of you could possibly meet and play together. Jake is easliy the best drummer I've ever pl;ayed with and he's only gotten better since we were bandmates in St. Louis. He has a web site - where you can check him out. He has excellent jazz chops and is a particularly fine bruches player, which I've always liked.

Perhaps the two of you can connect; it would sound great.


Frank BirdDawg Jones

Hey you!!!

Well, I made it home! I've got the CD plugged in my truck and am loving it. I had no idea you were a singer too!!! Great job! I really like the first three tunes, all I've heard, so far. I friend requested you on facebook. I'm looking forward to chatting. Have a great day!!-BD

Izzy Haley

Hey Ms. Cossentino! I emailed you the other day but I'm not sure it went through. Please email me back or call me (6155796264) so I can talk about selling my saxophone. Thanks, Izzy

Travis Garthaffner

Hi Pattie,
Greetings from Virginia,
I just wanted to say that it was a blessing to meet you Thursday evening at the Hilton. To hear you play is a complete delight. I look forward to seeing you perform again and would love the opportunity to talk with you some more. I wish you the best.
Take care,

Phil Cavender

I was a pleasure meeting you tonight and listening to you play. Listened to the CD on my way back home to Murfreesboro and good grief, you are a talented woman. Wishing you the very best!

Phil Cavender

suzahn fiering

hey there. I have been trying to find your phone number. Are you working Sat night? Wanna play with us? I also sent you a freind request on FB but couldnn't message you (weird). Hope all is cool, 385.9349 (land) 335.3307 (cell)

Mark Amentt

Great meeting you this psast week in Nashville... As I mentioned; love the CD.. But, have to admit; couldn't really appreciate it until I got back to Philly and listened to it on my home syatem.. Damn girl; You CAN sing AND play.. Double threat.. Very cool.

Gloria Scarlett

Patty: Was hoping to see you at Centennial Park or at Watertown this year. If you're giggin' around the West End or downtown, please give me a call, I'd love to drop in. Hope you're well. Hugs, gloria, 352-9816

Ramesh Maraj

Hello Pattie,
How are things in Nashville, My freind Tan and did not see you after your performance. We thought that you were going to come up and check out the band..

Lee Marcum

Can you ply with RadioDaze tomorrow night from 6-9? Its my wedding and I'm short on saxes.

Terry Crawford

I purchased a Cd from you at the Hilton this past weekend. I loved the wonderful toningh tune you played!

Your a great performer and a knockout! Hope the best for you!

richard and becky garifine

My wife and I met you last night at the Hilton and purchased your CD. We listened to it on the way home and really enjoyed it.

Rusty Rush

Pattie- I host an afternoon program called "Voices of Jazz" on KAMU-fm, Public Radio at Texas A&M Univ. Would you please send promo copies of your cd's for airplay? Thank you in advance.

Rusty Rush
PO Box 9936
College Station, TX 77842
979/255-1760 my cell 979/845-5613 station

Sam Marcrom

Hello, my name is Sam Marcrom. I am getting married on May 22, 2010. I have heard good things about your music, and I was wondering if you played at weddings in the Nashville, TN area. If so, I was wondering if May 22nd is availiable and what the cost would be. Thanks

Nancy Hunt

Pattie, We just talked - I lived in Baltimore for seveal years in the 60s; hived in Towson.

I am going to forward your website to Bill White, the organist at First Methodist.
Thanks for coming to Hillwood. Nancy

Paul Goodman

Hi Pattie-
Great to you again.
Your CD is GREAT! Listing to it again for the 6th or 7th time.
You also covered one of my favorites (Bewitched)
Your a "monster player" and have the voice of an angel.
Thanks for talking to Elle. Hope to see you soon.
Take care and please stay in touch.
Paul Goodman


Hi Patti,

This is Marc- the annoying guy from Mississippi that you met this week. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I listened to your album on the way home and it made my trip much easier than it would have been. You really do sing as well as you play the sax and flute. I really dug the choice of songs also - some of my favorites are on it. The band was smokin too.

I'll be in the Nashville area a lot in the future. I hope I'll get a chance to see you play live somewhere.

See ya

Marc S.

ralph olson

Hello Pattie:

My wife and I enoyed hearing you at the Hilton, Nashvile, at the end of July, 09 and bought your CD, "Invitation". What a great effort. We were there for the Live On Stage music conference. Would love to hear you in Seattle in the future. Stay the course, You have great talent!

steve vincent

Pattie: do you know of anyone that does clarinet and flute repadding?

steve vincent

John Misita

Pattie, it was nice meeting you, as brief as it was, in the Hilton while you were performing. I really enjoyed your music and would like to hear you play again. I am coming up to Nashville to do a quick show for the Loews Hotel the 27th and 28th of June. Are you going to be around or playing locally? If so, go to my website or use the email I provided and let me know. It would be nice to talk some more with you.

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.

Joseph Cossentino

Hi Pattie,Was sent your web site by a relation and really enjoyed your talent,and read your credit's.You sure do justice to the name "Cossentino"Wish you continue success.Your father Nick would know me ,Uncle Jeff's son.Give your family my best.

jeff southern

dear pattie i worked for you on sunday the seventh at dogwood park in cookeville and your show was excelant what i need to know is the brand of your soprano sax i asked you and you told me but i forgot and my friend really wants to know if you can please email info and again thanx you were a pleasure to work with thanx jeff

ward norris

Hope you check out your story on Cookeville Times dot com.

I'm amazed that the Cookeville Drama Center was able to get someone of your caliber. I can easily see you at the Kennedy Center or Carnagie Hall.

Good blues-jazz hits me at a point way beyond cerebral and even physical... it massages something deep in the soul, and I was so there.

If the Gulf Stream represented that "cosmic blues flow," then you'd be in the very center of it at multiple levels.

(I don't know if that paints the picture or makes you think I'm a total lunatic.)

If you check your story, you'll see I ascribed the rythm to Smitty Smith but I wasn't sure who was on the keyboard.

Thanks for the thrill.

Ward Norris

Joe Ritacco

Hi Pattie
I seen you perform in cookeville and really enjoyed your show. I was wondering what make and model was your soprano sax, and what mp do you use. I retired a few years ago and just started to play the sax. Thank you for you time and consideration in this matter.


R Jarquin

hi patti you are very mos important and god person
plese contact with my

Ruth Haley

Hi Pattie, Izzy is interested in selling her fabulous saxophone. Do you know any potential buyers? rh

Korlin Harrison

Great show at Main Street Jazz Fest!

Dave Mason

Ms. Cossentino: I really enjoyed your performance at the Jazzfest on Saturday. I went to the Market booth to buy your CD but they told me you had taken the CDs and had already gone, so I ordered it this morning on CD Baby. I noted your upcoming performance in Cookeville, and I will plan to attend that one in June. I wanted to ask if you are performing any other gigs in the Nashville area in the future- I would love to come. I just recenty got hooked on Jazz and appreciate your interpretations in your music. Please let me know if there are any other events in the future.

Dave Mason